Agape is the title of the debut EP by recording artiste Deeclef. 

The singjay says a lot of work went into the seven-track project which is released today (June 30) via Shyheim Entertainment.

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“A lot of BRAINSTORMING was done to bring both picture and mood of the album across. There were a series of photos that were reviewed and considered to reach this goal. Furthermore, to provide the air of love and a sensual feel, the team put their head, hands and heart together to make the dream come alive,”

said Deeclef.
He explained the meaning behind the album’s title.

“The album is called Agape because of the Greek origin of the word where it speaks in respect to the undiluted love that God has for His people. However, a sensual twist was put to this, which would manifest itself as being undiluted as well. But this love is that unconditional love that I have to offer all women.”

Says Deeclef

He continued,

“Chivalry has been said to be dead but that I believe that is a lie. Good gestures are still done and it’s not only sex that a man has to offer to a woman. Even in recent times, there has being a lot of violence against women and this goes without pardon in my view. What all women should be receiving is unconditional love that I have, which I believed without a doubt will be embraced by the music industry worldwide at this time. What all women need right now is my Agape love.”

Said Deeclef

Tracks on Agape include the title track, Dutty Love featuring Fully Bad, Represent, Never Had, Sexy Physique, So Amazing and Try.
Among the producers are SC-21 Records, Halcyon Music, Deeclef Music, Sartout Records and Shyheim Entertainment.
Now residing in Grand Rapids, Deeclef (given name Wayan Fraser) is originally from Barnstaple, Manchester. He attended Victor Dixon High before migration the states in 2016.

His passion for music started while he was in the seventh grade. It wasn’t until he was older that he began to take it seriously.

“From time to time it gets hectic. However, because of my determination towards music I continue to push myself through those times. But it’s very rewarding because I have gained a lot of exposure,”

Deeclef shared

The artiste describes his music as a fusion of reggae and dancehall with an international mix, and says he hopes to inspire others with his music.

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