Talking about successes is often seen as hype but for recording artiste Sekklez, sharing her accomplishments is motivation, and she wants recognition for her contribution to Jamaica’s dancehall space.

No matter how small, she told THE WEEKEND STAR, “I feel proud of what I have gained.”

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“I knew there was always going to be challenges whether I chose to record music, to be an accountant or play sports. But the key is to put yourself into the work. There are times when I feel I must give up but I say to myself, ‘you can’t stop there’,”


She is the self-proclaimed ‘Ghetto Queen’ and for her, graduating high school, completing a production and getting a song played by a selector, whether in the streets or on radio, are major accomplishments “as everything is part of the journey”. While the Waterford-based artiste started taking a serious approach to her recording career five years ago, her music is only now getting picked up on radar. Sekklez, given name Reina Butler, explained that she once went by the name Sekkle Down Wendy.

“I recorded a few songs, like Sekkle Down Wid and Independent Girl and that was fun. But distribution companies always had something to say about the length of my name at that time,” said the singjay, adding that she’s made a few changes to her brand and her sound has also matured. “Now, I’m known for my colourful spiral rods because I’m always wearing them, and as an artiste hailing from Kingston 13, I represent the ghetto girls and ghetto people overall.”


She said that her latest releases, Girl Hot Now and Woiie, are a testament to where she is coming from and where she is going. Both have garnered more than 10,000 streams on Audiomack, with Woiie making it to number 31 on the Israel Reggae Charts.

“If for these two songs alone, I’m a very proud singjay and I’m overwhelmed about the feedback because it shows people are listening to my music now. The stats are growing, and as a young artiste or a new person on the scene, you know how it is… I’m just thankful,” she said.

sekklez continued

Sekklez said persons are too judgemental of the journeys of others, and she would like to help change that with her music.

“I see persons upgraded from certain things in life, and seeing others out there struggling and criticising, not remembering it’s the same place they coming from,” “I’m not the type of girl to judge others for where they are in their life, some people reach faster than some.”

concluded Sekklez

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