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Last year proved to be quite an eventful one for dancehall artiste Fully Bad. Having parted ways with Foota Hype Music, the entertainer promised to chart a different course to success as he looked to push his brand even further.

He signed a new deal with a New York-based label and a few months later, dropped his debut album, Born Fi Dweet. But last week, the entertainer’s name was entangled in a social media squabble with members of Popcaan’s Unruly clan.

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Fully Bad told popular entertainment blog THE STAR that he has not targeted Popcaan or any of his team.

“Mi just a do my thing and a focus on my career. Mi just wake up one day and see everybody inna mi DM (direct messages) a ask mi weh mi and di Unruly have. Dem a send me some screenshots from Quada live (session) where him was bigging me up and some essential man roun Popcaan dem did deh pan the live a disrespect Fully Bad and yuh know mi is a brand so mi nuh too take da disrespect thing deh lightly because dat a my brand and mi affi defend it. But mi done put out a one song ( Nuh Unruly), clear the air and mi done deh so. Mi nuh deh pan the negative energy,” he said.


Fully Bad believes that the ill feelings stem from his decision to disassociate from team Unruly. He noted that he became popular after the Unruly Clash, hosted by Popcaan.

“I was supposed to get an Unruly contract but about six, seven months mi deh round dem and nothing nah gwaan. This was even before Foota Hype. Him did see everything weh a gwaan and him take on di career certain ways,” said Fully Bad. “After dat is like a baay preement. Is like di Unruly man dem have it fi say mi sell out and dem never a do nothing fi mi so mi wah know weh dem did expect mi fi do. Mi affi go out deh and look it.”

He said that he does not regret his decision, and believes that right now, he is own man.

Fully Bad
Fully Bad

“Mi nuh affi a run back a no artiste and dem thing deh, mi a do mi own thing and is a good look. Mi drop me debut album 2020 and I would say I dominated in a lot of ways. Mi get mi name out deh and had a successful year,”

said Fully Bad

“I have a new management team and the improvement obvious. Mi career a get everything weh it did short of and things a work fi me. For 2021, mi just a go gwaan focus on some more singles and continue doing weh we a do because it a work.”

He concluded

Update Your Friends
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