Ever since she released the hit single Hard Way back in 2010, recording artiste Ikaya has been a staple on the local entertainment circuit.

And, while many may still be waiting for her to get that ‘big buss’ that will catapult her to international fame, Ikaya says she is OK, taking things in stride, and will not allow herself to get caught up in the idea of having a ‘buzz’ in music.

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“Buzz is just a shock wave that doesn’t last forever and you know what, such is everything in life. I’ve seen artistes with ‘a buzz’, but how far does the buzz go? Bob Marley is in his grave without a ‘buzz’. Toots is now in his grave without a ‘buzz’, and yet they are some of the biggest stars around the world in this genre of music,” she said.

She said the key in the music business is to make good music, “keep active, productive and relate to the people as best as you can”.

“I’ve seen many artistes [who have] strayed in their career trying to gain props or a ‘buzz’,” said Ikaya. “If I am being myself and not getting props or ‘buzzing’, I am happy with that. Good music shall forever speak.”

Ikaya says she is aware that the ‘underrated’ label has followed her for the majority of her career, but says she does not work with labels.

“I let my work do all the talking for me. My music will validate me, nothing else,” she said. “What I believe is that there are people in this industry who have developed a fear against this powerhouse, and the versatile entertainer known as Ikaya and so these people who claim to hold the so-called ‘key’ to the gates of the musical industry, purposely refuse to mention Ikaya’s name in a room full of opportunities.”

She added, “But with today’s technology and the influences in my surroundings and the man I call upon (God), all keys and gates will be broken. God is the gatekeeper.”

Ikaya said that she is making a musical impact her way, and that approach recently landed her a collaboration with Dexta Daps, the steamy single Nosey Neighbours.

“I had an idea in my head, and so I linked him. Dexta heard the idea and fell in love with it. We then went into the studio and started to work on it together. We definitely have a good chemistry. I love working with him, and I admire his work ethic. I do believe the song is a masterpiece and can be a dancehall icebreaker on the international scene for me,” she said.

“Still, it all boils down to support but based on the reaction from the fans so far, I am pleased. The song has people talking about Ikaya again. I am really honoured and humbled to have been a part of this amazing project.”

Source: The Star

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