New York-based dancehall artiste Skip Da Line is celebrating a breakthrough into the African market with his Afro-infused track, Wine So.

Upon release, the track immediately resonated with music lovers, but Skip Da Line felt he needed a stronger presence in the African diaspora. After putting a target market campaign in place, he was able to gain ground in the Motherland.

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Shortly after, he received two endorsement videos from the popular Ugandan dance group Ghetto Kids, which further cemented his presence on the Afrobeats scene.

The videos quickly went viral across Instagram and TikTok. Ghetto Kids describes itself as a non-governmental organisations with a mission of using music, dance and drama to help disadvantaged children, streetchildren and orphans to achieve basic needs. It was founded by Daouda Kavuma in 2013. In 2017, they were featured in the music video for French Montana’s single Unforgettable.

Each video posted by the group has garnered over two million views, pushing Wine So ahead of the game with heightened streaming numbers in countries like Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria.

Cultural Exchange

The music industry has, over the past decades, seen where reggae and dancehall music have always had a large influence on various genres. In recent times, fans have witnessed the Caribbean and Africa unite on several projects that hit global charts because of the rich cultural presence in the music.

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