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The Queen of Dancehall Spice was treated to some stylish Patois while attending Teyana Taylor’s Halloween Haunted House Party in Atlanta.

The queen posted a now viral video of herself and Brooklyn Rapper YoungMa sharing a few smiles at the high-profiled event.

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Ma was recording reciting popular Jamaican phrases while being cheek close to queen after what seemed to be a scream and fun filled afternoon in Atlanta.

Slangs such as; Wha Gwan, Rasscl*t, b*mboclat and many more color choices of the lingo.

See footage here

Young Ma isn’t new to the culture as she was born and rained in the ‘melting pot’ state of New York and she has been seen endorsing Mavado and Serani on her platform in prior years.

Young M.A was also booked for Brit Jam’s All White event, a premiere Jamaican event hosted in the Spring Season.

Update Your Friends
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