Available today on all platforms, Jah9 releases “Highly (Get To Me),” her latest single and video from her forthcoming album Note To Self out Mar 13, 2020 on VP Records. The Jamaican dub poet and songstress uses clever wordplay to realize one’s own self-worth and address someone else’s lack thereof on this cautionary tale about relationships. The song, produced by Jah9, Romario “Runkus” Bennett and Iotosh Poyser, warns the listener to not let the misguided affect your own journey.

“As my search takes me inward, with the practice of ritual and discipline, I can attest that it is all best applied with the supplement of a guide. With ‘Highly (Get To Me),’ I was able to distill some of the conversations close to my heart, about the role of the guide in our lives. In stories of old, the motif of the guide serves as a cautionary companion on the hero’s journey. I have His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, a marker against which I contrast the routes in my own path, and the path of others,” Jah9 explains.

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The stunning video is directed by Samo.
Fernando F. Hevia is the co-director and director of photography.

On Note To Self, Jah9 shares practices that keep her centered in a sea of global noise. Her velvet vocals float over rootsy jazz rhythms throughout this 15-track opus, carrying themes of health and wellness, compassion and service, love (interpersonal and self), ritual and discipline, self governance and mastery. In these often chaotic and unsettling times, Jah9 chooses to take a look inward to seek balance and restoration. Note To Self is Jah9’s third studio album following New Name (2013) and 9 (2016). The album, which is co-produced by Jah9, features guest collaborations with Chronixx, Akala, Pressure Busspipe and Tarrus Riley and has a talented pool of locally sourced Jamaican producers including Clive Hunt, Jeremy Harding, Romario “Runkus” Bennett, Iotosh Poyser and Romaine Arnett For Zinc Fence Records.

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Note To Self Album Cover:

1. Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling)
2. Ma’at (Each Man)
3. Mindstorm (Interlude)
4. Note To Self (Okay) Feat. Chronixx
5. Field Trip
6. New Race (A Way) Feat. Akala
7. Hey You
8. Highly (Get To Me)
9. Feel Good
10. Love Has Found I
11. You And I Feat. Pressure Busspipe
12. Ready To Play Feat. Tarrus Riley
13. The Reflection (Interlude)
14. Could It Be
15. In The Beginning (Interlude)

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