Kiprich is uttering his detest for women killings at the highest possible level in newly released single.

Kiprich is incensed at the spate of high-profile killings involving women, and he has penned a new single called Women Protest to urge men to stop murdering women and stem the tide of rising femicides.

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“Mi kinda fed up of the murders, this keeps popping up in the news too much so mi feel the need to talk about this thing and make dem see that this is a concern right now because the females are not safe. We have mother, we have sisters, we don’t know if dem a reach home after leaving out…it is painful, believe me, it is too much now,” the deejay whose real name is Marlon Plunkett, said.

“The people have gravitated towards the song, putting up all kinds of short clippings with missing females that have been in the news from the other day. My phone is blazing, everyone wants the song. We need justice, ah that we need, so I decided to team up with Chase Mills Records put a song out there in solidarity with women and to force men to think twice before they kill another woman or child,” he said.

“This song is for Donna-lee and for Slickianna and for the countless other women whose deaths have gone unsolved and unanswered. This song is for Jasmine Deen, the visually impaired UWI student whose body has not been found, and for every woman out there living in fear, we stand with you, dem fi stop kill off the woman dem iyah,” concluded an upset Kiprich said.

Watch Official Music Video Above.

Born in Linstead, St Catherine, Kiprich was raised in Waterhouse, Kingston. He attended Ardenne High, and began to visit studios while he was still a student. He got his big break in 1999 with his hit Leggo Di Bwoy, a collaboration with Chino. In 2003, he wrote the lyrics for Elephant Man’s Jook Gal, whose remix with hip hop mega-star Twista entered the Billboard charts that same year.

Among his hits are Telephone Ting, Mad Sick Head Nuh Good (with Predator), Cut Him Off, Liquor and The Letter. He has continued to make hits, scoring in 2022 with Gallis Astrology with D’yani which racked up over 1 million views on Youtube and the dance-happy single, Rich Look. One of his latest singles is Nah Nah.

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