After more than a decade of working in the same dancehall space, recording artistes Macka Diamond and Razor B, both originally from Waterford in St Catherine, have finally collaborated on a new raunchy single that has already started trending.

The single Katchie is produced by DJ Tropical for his Channel 17 Music Label and plays on the ‘Katch E Hat’ slang originally done by dancehall artiste Valiant, but takes it to a raunchier place.

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“Razor and I always talked about doing a song together, but we never rushed it. I think everything works out the way it should in the time it should. Now, we have a song that couples can ‘katch’ together again, and I think dancehall is ready for that couple-up vibe now,” Macka Diamond shared.

The single has quickly been getting attention at local events and has started to penetrate the international dancehall space. Razor B believes being a part of the ‘katchie’ movement was a great idea and recording with Macka Diamond was an even greater one.

“Macka Diamond is very professional and a great person to work with in the studio. Fans have been gravitating to this record since its release so we are super grateful. Right now everybody a katchie, it’s a katchie season … we are just a part of the epidemic with an amazing record,” Razor B shared

Both artistes are currently shooting aspects of the Katchie video and are looking to release it later this month.

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