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The Jamaican artist spiced up is reggae formula with personable lyrics and memorable hooks. 

Andre Ellis, better known as “Nature Ellis,” is a Jamaican artist with a unique vision. He combines infectious rhythms with insightful lyrics and memorable melodies. As a result of his genuine character and driven sonic formula, he is able to channel the classic spirit of reggae music, and bring many different influences into the mix.

Recently, Nature Ellis set out to release a new single titled “Love Me.” This is an emotional, spontaneous, and soulful track. It captures the artist’s vibrant vocal flow, as well as his ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level. “Love Me” is a step towards a different creative direction for the artist, exploring a different sound. This also happens to be the very first single from the upcoming EP “Drew Stewart Presents: Reggae from West Kingston,” available through the “Then Now and Forever” label, also known as “Music Mansion!”

Let the song speak for itself, and check it out .

Update Your Friends


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