Recording artiste Nesbeth seems to be undergoing some sort of transformational change as the ‘My Dream’ hitmaker recently took to his Instagram account to remove all content on the social media platform.


This bizarre action has left his large number of followers perplexed as to what is happening in his life. Days later a solid black caption-less image was posted to the account followed by another with the capitalized words ‘Black Friday’.

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Despite his benevolent persona the reggae singer known for his inspirational ballads has been experiencing a lot of trials in recent years including the loss of six family members in six years.

Compounding the situation is the current lockdown on the entertainment industry due to the coronavirus pandemic and the inability of many to earn. This has left a sect of the industry now speculating that Nesbeth’s action could be a subliminal cry for help or some sort of strategic plan to unnerve his fans. What really lies beneath the obscure messages, only time will tell.
What is the significance of the ‘Black Friday’ post? While there is no caption to explain this move, Nesbeth, has always been a strong advocate for the upliftment of the Black race, evidence of this can be found in his music.

What we do know though, is that historically, during slavery, Black Friday’ connotes the event where slaves were forced to entertain the family and friends of white plantation owners, who would then vote on which slave was the best entertainer and which was the worst. The losers were then sold at auction the next day, which they called ‘Black Friday’.
When contacted, the management of the entertainer declined to speak on the mental state of the artiste and the cryptic posts. Opting instead to send us a somewhat oracular photo of the artiste laying in the streets as blood appears to leak from his body amid disclosing, “Tired of shaking signs, there will be bloodshed”.

A closer look at the visual suggests it could be some sort of documentary or other literary works in production. Till then we’ll continue to observe until Black Friday (November 27th.)

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