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According to recording artiste Agent Di Realest, his latest release has won over more hearts than expected due to the current direction of the Jamaican music market. 

The track, ‘Many Roads’, is produced  by Xx3eme of Great X Productions who injected his musical genius by adding Reggae artiste Ffurious to the track. 

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After working with Agent Di Realest in his capacity of an Audio Engineer on several projects, Xx3eme and Agent decided to put out a project together. Agent first introduced the track to Xx3eme through an over the phone freestyle afterwhich he immediately heard Ffurious on the track and now a track Agent Di Realest had written and archived in 2018 has granted him a worthy entrance onto the music scene. 

Ffurious added; “At the time when GreatX Productions contacted me to be a part of the project, I was going through many roads, I had just lost my father but the single helped me out of a dark place and that’s how I knew it had the power to motivate others and that there is still hope for our music yet. It was refreshing to be introduced to a young artiste who wanted to bring something different to the table and I believe that contributed to how great the single turned out”

 When asked to clarify his earlier statement, Agent Di Realest shared; “ Most of the songs being released into today’s media are about chopping or the lifestyle of it and if you’re a young artiste who doesn’t sing about chopping you definitely have to find a hit song if you want the younger people to resonate with your style of music. Many Roads has gained fans all over the world with a large percent of them being in the younger demographic and it makes me happy because that tells me my music is transcending” 

“My aim is to reach as many people as I can because we all need motivation one way or the other and as an artiste, this is my way of being a voice for the voiceless. The single took off immediately after it was released and I had to quickly organize a small promotional tour to Jamaica where I shot the video with Ffurious. The video has already gained thousands of views and after seeing the impact this song has made, its full force ahead” He concluded.

While Agent Di Realest continues to put a strong promotional muscle behind ‘Many Roads’, the artiste shares that he will be dropping ‘Reciprocal’ in coming weeks in an effort to keep the momentum going. 

Update Your Friends
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