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Hardcore Dancehall artist Aidonia has responded to the current rumours being circulated that he cheated on his wife Kimberly Megan recently in The Cayman Islands.

Rumours started circulating last week that the ‘Banga’ deejay cheated on his Jamaican wife during his stint in Grand Cayman. According to one report a mystery woman linked to several other Dancehall and Reggae artist was spotted leaving Aidonia’s hotel room several times.

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However the 4th Genna head is refuting the claims saying they’re all lies. According to sources close the the deejay, the rumours couldn’t be any further from the truth. “It’s just a bunch of lies, they are trying to tarnish the artist’s reputation,” sources told The Tropixs.

“The female was just a fan who took a photo with Aidonia and now the media is trying to fabricate a story to gain hype off his name but it will not work.”

“Aidonia is very much in love with one woman and that is his wife [Kimberly] who is also the mother of his adorable child Kahlif.”

“These lies will not affect his career or his family so they can try again,” the source added.

Aidonia and Kimberly finally got married September of last year after a lengthy engagement.

Update Your Friends
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