Fans of Vendetta deejay Alkaline are accusing his rival Vybz Kartel of stealing his flow on his new single featuring Masicka titled “Infrared.”

The new track was an instant hit among dancehall fans, but some of Alkaline fans are not too happy and are accusing Vybz Kartel of biting his style.

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“The whole thing sound like Alkaline flow for me,” one fan wrote on social media. “Alka flow dat and everybody see it,” another fan wrote. Vybz Kartel fans are pushing back saying that Alkaline is the one who stole the Gaza deejay’s flow. “A Worldboss style this form 2010 bout Alkaline kmft alka biting the boss style f*** out here Vendetta idiots.”

“Alkaline thing bigger than Kartel because yo no see say the man a use some metaphors in him songs that Kartel never hear bout,” one fan told us on Twitter. Gazantion fans are pushing back, some of whom are saying that Alkaline and Vybz Kartel shouldn’t be compared because the Gaza leader is in his own league. “Alka and Kartel shouldn’t even be mention in the same sentence much less compare, yo no see Kartel him a league by himself,” one Gaza fan said.

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