Controversial dancehall artiste Alkaline has sent tongues wagging with the release of his new single “Extra Lesson.”

The DJ Frass Records-produced single was released last week is currently the No.1 single trending on YouTube in Jamaica. “Extra Lesson” sees the Vendetta deejay subliminally taking jabs at his current rival Vybz Kartel and his common-law wife Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson.

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“Dawg yuh breed the first gal yuh ever get wah yah talk bout,” Alkaline says in the intro. “Gal weh ya only can imagine fi f**k, man deh yah a bang it fi real,” he added. Alkaline went on to deejay, “The short gal weh yuh have mi know she lonely, when she horny and want her f**k yuh nuh deh deh,” taking shots at Kartel and Shorty.

Listen Alkaline’s “Extra Lesson,” below.

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