Popular Alkaline affiliate Gegodon shares a piece of his mind online.

The ‘Impact,’ producer took to Instagram and shared derogatory terms towards Notnice, which is arguably stemming from a candid interview the ‘El Chapo,’ did with Anthony Miller a few weeks ago.

Within the post Gego captioned, “Ungrateful pussyole wah style di don tru him nah use yuh,suck yuh madda wen u crash tell Di people dem who fix u hand battyboy @notnicerecords chat alone unuh can chat,we know Di facts#notwise #nyamjoyce #chapsplice#gyaldemsayyuhswipelikemidas ? Wah yu say 1 don? @manhimselff .”

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“Any moment now we torch the gateman and not wise one believe me.” claimed our sources close to the ‘Manhimselff,’ as they are currently gearing up for a hectic month of march.

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