Alkaline’s recent escapade with law enforces of jamaica has just took another turn for the worst.

According to our sources close to the deejay, after being contacted by Alkaline himself, his social media team was instructed to retract any statements made on his behalf which weren’t necessarily sentiments shared by the entertainer.

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Moments later another statement was issued by Alkaline’s official Facebook page apologizing to the fans, media and JCF that they understand the delicacy of the matter and that previous comments were not made by Alkaline, but in fact on his behalf, in an attempt to neutralize any negativity his career and image may have undergone.

The state is as follows; ‘The statement made on Alakine’s page was unauthorized and in no way represents claims on the artiste’s part. We must apologize for such misinterpretation, as we await the clearance of the artiste’s name.’

Stay current with us as we will follow the events between Alkaline and the JCF

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