Prime Minister Andrew Holness addressed concerns raised after Kanye West’s recent trip to Jamaica.

The Rapper-turned-politician received backlash on social media after questions were raised on if he complied with Jamaica’s COVID-19 protocols, including the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

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Yeezy travelled to Jamaica last weekend via private jet and was photographed at Buju Banton’s Gargamel Studio in Kingston and Plantation Smokehouse in St Ann. In both photos Kanye West was not wearing a mask.

Speaking during a virtual media briefing at Jamaica House, Kanye who was staying on the resilient corridor (a stretch of road from Negril through Port Antonio on Jamaica’s north coast), asked for permission to travel outside of the borders.

“My understanding is that the international artiste visited Jamaica a few days ago and he visited the resilient corridor… He stayed at a hotel in the resilient corridor and he asked for permission to be able to travel outside of curfew hours, because of his travel arrangements. That permission was given,” Holness said.

“My understanding was that he would have visited Buju Banton’s studio. The circumstances around that would have to be thoroughly investigated. I don’t have the details around that, as to whether or not permission was given; how that was arranged? Whether or not protocols were observed? The pictures shared on social media would have shown the international artiste and our beloved Buju Banton in studio presumably without wearing a mask,” he continued.

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