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Boom Boom has denied rumours that he was beaten by Sizzla Kalonji.

Popular Dancehall selector has sought to address reports claiming that he was physically assaulted by Reggae superstar for playing Ishawna’s controversial single ‘Equal Rights’ track at an event recently.

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Several media outlets posted a badly bruised photograph of the popular disc jock last week claiming he was assaulted by the ‘Dry Cry’ singer.

However, the selector has since rubbished the claims, stating that he was not involved in any altercation with Sizzla or any other artist, explaining that the photograph was actually from a 2010 car accident.

According to Boom Boom, he was genuinely surprised by the allegations on social media, calling them fabricated nonsense, created by malicious persons seeking attention.

The Kingston based selector went on to proclaim that he has never played Ishawna’s controversial “Equal Rights” single nor even Gage’s “Throat” for that matter, as they both contradict his moral beliefs


Update Your Friends
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