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Bounty Killer has expressed shock at the recent attack on Mavado in his hometown of Cassava Piece over the weekend.

The veteran Dancehall entertainer uploaded a throwback video preforming with the Gully Gad in the streets of the St Andrew community.

“Disturbed, disappointed disapproved Cassava Piece should never pop off a piece over a fist fight not right protection,” the Warlord wrote. “@mavadogully protect yu chest protect yu knee protect yu foot dem protect yu head and certain place yu nuh fi put dem!!! Jah naah sleep.”

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Mavado Denies Rumors Of Highly Exaggerated Shooting Incident

Mavado made rounds on social media after reports emerged that he had to run for his life in his Cassava Piece, St Andrew community.

Mavado reportedly went to the area on Saturday to settle a dispute between his son and another man. The two got into a heated argument and Mavado reportedly punched the man.

The man allegedly left the scene and returned with two men who opened fire at Mavado and his vehicle. The ‘Big League’ deejay ran to the Constant Spring Police Station and filed a report.


Update Your Friends
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