Veteran Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has addressed the recent backlash he received on social media and Sexologist/Blogger Dr. SexxyAnn’s recent comments following the announcement that he was added to the lineup for a free International Women’s Day concert on Wednesday given his previous allegations relating to domestic violence.

The ‘Warlord’ uploaded a snippet on Tuesday night from SexxyAnn’s YouTube video and had this to say, “Listen to what Jesus mother Mary has to say bcuz she was born a saint (and) has never (sinned), never did anything wrong in her whole life time or ever been forgiven b4,” he said.

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“But I guess she is just another silly attention seeking clown bcuz she said it her self that it was Allegations and what does Allegations means Maybe So or Maybe Not plus i was (cleared) of all charges so what grounds is she speaking from and the very same thing WeChange trying achieve these ppl objecting Change what am i attempting to do here to show that i’m changed grown and matured into a better me and i do regret for my alleged involvement or whatever which I’m still paying for up until this day as u all can see but I condemns domestic violence it’s wrong it’s totally unacceptable and it’s a disease or merely weakness we do make mistakes in life but then again I think it was about reaching out to ppl who actually been in it or been around it like victors and victims so who has a better voice to speak out than I who has been accused plus what better platform to express my sincerely apology to the women of this world also I made my mom a promise b4 she leave us and I’m gonna live it to the fullest this gonna take each and everyone of us as Jamaican to make it happen but the hand picking of who should be apart or pointing fingers gonna take us nowhere from here folks!!,” he added.

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