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Jamaican music has definitely left a mark on the American film industry over the years, as big budget box office films have featured music from Jamaican artistes like; Jimmy Cliff, Eric Donaldson, Bob Marley and Sean Paul just to name a few.

According to Dre1 sources, Dancehall artiste Busy Signal is now the latest Jamaican artiste to achieve this impressive feat, as his worldwide smash hit ‘Watch Out Fi Dis/Bumaye’, a collaboration he did with Electronic Dance Music group Major Lazer, has been featured in top box office comedy, Ride Along 2 starring popular actors, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

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Busy Signal took to Instagram to share his delight

Ride Along 2 which was produced by Universal Studios won the Martin Luther King Jr weekend, when it topped the box office within a week of its release.

Guess it’s safe to say, the “Turf President” is on the right track. Way to go Busy!

Update Your Friends
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