Cedella Marley joins the long list of persons to call out Louis Vuitton over its ‘Jamaican Stripe Sweater’ blunder.

Last week the French fashion giants caught some flack after it unveiled its US$1350 men’s pullover. The Jacket, which sports the Ethiopian flag colors was erroneously labeled as “Jamaican Stripe Sweater”.

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In some apparent shade, Cedella took to Instagram to post an image of her father Bob Marley in the colors. “Bob says that’s the Ethiopian flag @louisvuitton 😳,” she captioned the post, highlighting the blunder.

In the photo, Bob can be seen rocking one of his trademark Ethiopian colored tracksuits which seemingly inspired the look.

Cedella’s post comes just days after the fashion giants was also criticized by BET for the horrendous blunder.

In an article BET blasted the fashion company saying, “this advertisement is cringe-worthy and displayed a blatant lack of research.”

“The brand states that the below pullover sweater in green, yellow, and red is ‘inspired by the Caribbean island’s national flag’. Understandably we are speechless, primarily since this so-called tribute does not feature the same colors as the Jamaican flag,” the BET writers noted in their article.

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