Diamond Music Empire recording artiste Chin Chin has refuted claims on social media that she has been reunited with Gully Bop.

“Gully Bop called me because he needed help, so I was just helping him, I am not going to turn my back on him. He had called me from the Virgin Islands and Miami saying he didn’t have anybody to pick him up. At first, I thought it was a set up but I went anyway because mi caan turn my back on him, so we picked him up at the airport and mi give him a one par, and immediately it all over the Net, but me and Bop not together, people just need fi come outta mi life,” she said.

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Several Internet blogs published stories that the two were united and pictures of the two at the airport were circulated via social media.

Bop was quoted by The Star as saying he was still in love with his ex.

“Yuh see di love weh me have fi Chin, it strong,” he reportedly told The Star. “So all when me a say me and her nuh deh, a just talk mi did a talk true mi did hurt.”

Late last year, Chin Chin and Bop had a much publicised brouhaha that led to Chin hitting him with a padlock. Diss songs and acrimonious interviews followed, but the public is still enamoured with the two dancehall personalities.

“People will always talk, but mi a live my life, and at this time, that doesn’t mean that me and Bop ah go de back again,” she said.

Chin Chin will be shooting a video for her My Life and Why singles this month.

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