Taking it “easy like Sunday morning” (Commodores). I sit back holding a medz , blasting some of my favorite rasta man love chunes. Rastaman like Jah Cure, Sizzla, Tarrus Riley, and Beres Hammond even though he is not technically a Rastaman. I started to realize these God damn Rastas have ruined my love life!

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While all along I was blaming Hollywood romantic cinemas for ruining my love life. But it was the Rasta’s fault all along, they gave me an unrealistic “vision of love” ( Mariah Carey). Which in turn made me into this hopeless romantic waiting for my Prince Charles to come and serenade me with Rasta love chunes, but instead, all I get is “ these hoes ain’t loyal” (Chirs Brown).


Rastaman love songs such as “Longing For” by Jah Cure, “ Love Contagious”  Tarrus Riley, “ and “ Woman I Need You” by Sizzla, helped shaped my narrow perception of love.  They made me believe that love is this grant impactful, emotional, explosion that when shared between the right two people it’s unbreakable.  But in reality, love does not always play out as smooth and beautiful as the Rastaman love songs would have us believe.

In most Rasta love songs, the Rastaman is always pouring out his heart to a woman. Expressing his every dying unphased love for her and his eternal commitment to her and their growth. Lyrics such as “woman I need you like never before ( Sizzla)”, “when I find that girl, I swear that girl will be the only one for me.

The one that makes my life complete (Jah Cure).”  Songs like “ What Am I longing for, my baby to love me more ( Jah Cure)”. “ I wanna love you and treat you right. I wanna love you evEry day and evEry night” ( Bob Marly). These were the songs I heard from a little girl until now. Their illuminating vibrate echoed across the sound systems in the streets on my way home from school. To me now blasting there cemented presence in my headphones on my way home from work. These songs penetrated my soul and created my genetic love code.

But what happens to that little girl who grows up in such a world and wakes up one day realizing that most women aren’t being serenaded by sweet love chunes and most men aren’t emotional and expressive about their feelings? And that in fact, the Rastas tricked her. These Rastaman had her believing that men are openly telling women how much they love and need them. Men will be begging for women forgiveness and pleading for women not to leave them.

When in reality men are quicker to shut down and ignore women’s feelings. That poor little girl has now grown up into a woman who actually believes that “ love is the answer” ( Jah Cure)  and that men will be “longing for her” “ unconditionally” as Jah Cure proclaims. Or as I -Octane eloquently states “ There is no one that loves you as I do. There is no one to change how I love ”.  This girl is now expecting men to express them self like a Rastaman. Her expectation for love is high, she’s very expressive with her feelings and expects for the men she falls for to be just as expressive and dedicated to love as she is.  But instead, these Rastaman have “tainted her love” (Soft Cell).

How does this girl now fits in 2019? Where our love lives start with swipe left or swipe right with women proudly stating the things they’d do for the “D” and the men are being nonchalant and caught up in their feelings while refusing to express them. How can she expect for a guy to “long for her” when he barely has time to swipe right for her?  Today, before a guy says he loves you, he’s quicker to tell you he doesn’t need you. Nowadays men aren’t “missing you like crazy ”( I-Octane) they are too busy spending that time doing things that drive you crazy. Instead of “ loving you and treating you right ( Bob Marley)” they are more quick to give up and move on to the next one.

In all fairness, Rastaman like Sizzla did give us a little warning about the complexities of love with such chunes like “ Dry Cry”, And growing up we all heard Junior Kelly pose the infamous question “ If love so nice, tell me why it hurts so bad”? And let’s not forget about Jah Mason bawling out in agony “My princess gone far far away and she left me a note, say’s she’s gone to stay”. But still, those songs were still romanticizing love and gave us false hope that if one owns up to their flaws and pour their heart out, one still had a chance of winning their loved one back.  Which is no longer the case because instead of giving us “ Love and affection” (Pressure), and “ Give Me A Try” ( Sizzla) in order for us “ to be love and be loved” ( Bob Marley) and “ love you in every way and keep on loving you even if he doesn’t know why” ( Buju Banton/Wayne Wonder). Men are now too easy to “ instant block and delete” (Alkaline).


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