The Genna-Syde General is having quite a hectic week, after outspokenly disrespecting Alkaline and Mavado in Antigua and Barbuda.

After Masicka went viral for disrespecting Vendetta and Gully, fans of both respective teams dug up a very controversial interview conducted by Masicka a few years ago on popular entertainment programme ‘Entertainment Report.”

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The ‘Infrared,’ featuring act was quoted saying,” me a talk FACTS, you understand? If Anuh Kartel, Alkaline, Mavado or GennaSyde… me nuh see nobody else, nobody else nuh really deh deh.”

Dancehall fans immediately responded in a majority of negativity, see comments below.

“Lol a di likkle hype get to him head him cuma chat fuk*y pan stage.”

“This youth career soon flat. The fool no have mind for himself​. Way gully vendetta do him the man them no see him.”

“you f*cka yuh , mavado n Alkaline should use that against yuh inna song n mash up yuh bloodcla*t career ???oosshhh.”

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