Dancehall artist Danielle D.I has broken her silence on her new diss track ‘Talk Up’ which is aimed at rival Ishawna.

The self-proclaimed ‘Bad Gyal’ says she decided to record the single after sources close to Ishawna told her that the ‘Equal Rights’ singer has been taking jabs at her behind closed doors.

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D.I who released the track on Tuesday says she made the feud lyrical because Ishawna couldn’t handle it if things should go any other way. Sources told The Tropixs following the release of the single that Ishawna won’t be responding with a diss track and D.I agrees saying she’s not lyrical enough.

The ‘Rebel’ singer also slammed Dancehall critics who say she only released the track in a bid to gain popularity online following Ishawna’s recent buzz. She refuted the claims labelling Ishawna as a “C list celeb” who only gets attention through controversy.

D.I says the former Downsound Records artist is a ‘temporary sensation’ and not a Dancehall.

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