Medical Professionals at the Baptiste Hospital in Miami are fearing the worst if Dancehall artist Danielle D.I’s mother, Dawn Issacs should undergo another operation.

“She [Dawn] currently has complications with her bowel that will require surgery,” DI’s publicist Keona Williams said. “However, she underwent two major surgeries a few weeks ago so the doctors are saying that her body may not recover should she do another operation this quick.”

D.I announced that her mother was battling for life on Sunday amidst her current feud with controversial singer Ishawna.

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“Happy Sunday to you all. I’m just here thinking about my mom. Who’s currently at Baptiste hospital in Miami fighting for her life, while we face hurricane irma at the same time,” D.I wrote.

Youtube Reviewer States Ishawna Is Leading The Clash With Danielle D.I

“I L❤️VE my mother more than anything or anyone in this entire world. I am proud to share homes with her. Wherever we are in the world we try to stay under the same roof.
She fought extremely hard to raise me on her own as a single mother.”

“Despite the struggles she never did anything illegal or immoral. She is a woman of GOD ; she is a woman of dignity ; she is a hardworker humble kind and giving. Anyone who knows her can testify to what I am saying right now.

“She wasn’t born rich but through hardwork and dedication she was able to pass on the american dream to her children.
She taught me how to run a business how to save and invest . After many many years we still own our successful family businesses thanks to my mother.”

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