The “Rii Bam Bi Deng Deng” Dancehall Recording Artiste Devin Di Dakta is once at the center of jamaican controversy.

This time around the deejay is not headlining For winning a competition, nor for a hacked Twitter account, and most definitely not for being thrashed at Night Club but consequently, the magnum King was caught on a photograph which is now going viral over the internet involving an unknown female.

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‘Di Dakta’  is seen holding the breast of the unidentified female, while her tongue is out on her nipple supposedly after his performance at a local strip club.

When our sources contacted Devin’s team, his road manager had this to say “I never knew these pictures would’ve reached the internet . I didn’t even realise that someone was even videoing. This was brought to my attention while I was in the studio with the deejay and he got a call from his girlfriend arguing about picture with him and naked girl circulating the internet.

That argument then led to the creation of his new song called “Never mean It (Think Like A Man)” which is now the team’s main focus .”

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Listen to ‘Think Like A Man Below’

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