Ding Dong refuted all allegations that his Ravers Clavers group issued death threats against DHQ Nickeisha’s life last week.

The popular female entertainer called out the crew on social media accusing them of them of picking a war with her and longtime boyfriend Marvin The Beast, promising them gunshots.

“Unu set a dancers weh call unuhself Ravers [Ravers Clavers] stop walk an give ******** problem a night time inna dancehall cause [Marvin the Beast], Money Beast or me nuh walk an trouble people,” DHQ Nickeisha wrote. “Last night ago make the 4th time unu dweet an we hold it down an nuh say nothing every time we a pass unuh unuh a bad up unuh p***yclaat self an a bout suck unuh mada gunshot unuh a go get lol like really,” she added.

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Speaking on her statement, Ding Ding says he’s not buying it because his dance group only promotes positivity and is not involved in any feuds in the Dancehall industry.

“Ding Dong and the Ravers don’t have no feud or arguments with nobody in the music industry or people that are a part of the dancehall,” he said. “We don’t have no problem with nobody whatsoever, so I don’t know what is that she [DHQ Nickeisha] talking about,” the Dancer-turn-recording artist said.

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