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In the most recent of Dancehall tragedies, it’s has been brought to light that Niko of the popular Chromatic Sound is battling with kidney disease.

A GoFundMe account has been circulating throughout social media since early yesterday afternoon, (August 10, 2016) by well-wishers and Dancehall heavy weights.

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Niko who as been absent from the dancehall scene for over a year now has finally broken his silence as he seeks help in order to undergo a well needed surgery.

With a goal of $50,000USD, the description of the account titled ‘Niko Chromatic Medical Fund’ reads, “I am Niko Chromatic from Jamaica’s sound, Chromatic. My passion is music, MCing and bringing Jamica’s musical culture across the world. Jamaican music fans worldwide have been asking about my absence from Chromatic events for the last year. I have been privately battling kidney disease. I am now making my illness public as I am am asking for your help as I have to undergo surgery, as soon as possible. Its was very hard for me to go public with this and ask for your help but I am doing so at the encouragement of family and friends, with the hope that everyone who sees this will help in whatever way you can. Any contribution at all that you make to me is deeply appreciated. Thanks so much in advance, Niko.”
Persons wish to donate can click here, his family is also asking for everyone to keep him in their prayers.

Update Your Friends
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