Established Labels Clash With Name Similarity

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Dinesty King of Dinesty Kxng Muzik is today coming forward to offer some clarity when differentiating his label from Dynasty Jamaica. 

Dinesty Kxng Muzik was established in 2014, While Dynasty Entertainment made their debut in 2020.

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Dinesty not to be confused with Dynasty 

“The similarity with both label names makes it difficult for fans to identify which producer is associated with a particular track in a lot of cases” Shared Dinesty King.

Dinesty Kxng Muzik has produced tracks such as Tommy Lee’s ‘Under Vibes’, Tommy Lee’s ‘Spartan Empire’, Charley Black’s ‘Tonight’ which debuted on the iTunes Reggae Chart last year, among others. 

Dynasty Jamaica’s most noted releases include; Rytikal’s ‘Chosen’ and Chronic Law’s ‘Still A Bleed’, among others. 

When asked how he feels about the ‘same name’ situation, Dinesty King shared; “Many music lovers are oftentimes confused by the two labels and in my opinion the change of a letter doesn’t do much to the pronunciation of the word and as such, the disarray will occur. Without a doubt,  I respect all industry players and their contribution to the genre, however I believe it would be better if everyone’s brand possessed that unique name quality.  Brand Dinesty has been around for over a decade, Falmouth Dinesty being my parent company with Dinesty Kxng Muzik to follow and I believe I have set a solid enough foundation to stand firm in my beliefs”

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