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There is a feud brewing between Popular and controversial dancehall selector Foota Hype and Veteran deejay Bounty Killer and according to Foota it is all about his recent Onstage TV interview and his ex-girlfriend/baby mama Downsound records recording artiste Ishawna.

On Wednesday Foota took to Instagram to let his fans know that Killer is once again “Cross, angry and miserable”

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The selector uploaded a screenshot of a now-deleted post made by the Warlord directed at him


“Well ppl @grunggaadzilla is upset and also feeling himself at the same time 1st him upset about my onstage interview say MI diss which I don’t think I did I was just being honest [sic]” Foota captioned his post.

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He added that “2nd him a feel himself because him F**k MI baby mother but remember this Killa f**king my baby mother isn’t anything special anymore OK. Him say it himself ppl look and read him post. Oh and killa before I forget u and u friends and u team know where to find MI I’m not hiding I’ll be inside limelight club tonight #galliswednesdays and F.H.M gears will be on sale.[sic]”

The Warlord was just not pleased with how he had already embarrassed Foota Hype, he then commented on the post to add insult to injury


In a recent candid interview, with Onstage TV’s Winford Williams, Foota Hype was asked to list persons who are hot and who are not.

Watch his Interview below:

Update Your Friends
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