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According to reports, the person behind the leak is a European woman who is known for exposing dancehall artistes, the “dancehall groupie” has been linked to numerous dancehall artistes including Bounty Killer, I-Octane and Blak Ryno.

“Ppl Dem say a she a di wicked gal weh send out dextadaps pic,” said Foota Hype on Instagram.

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According to Dre1 sources, Foota Hype also used the post to say that the woman in question is the ex-girlfriend of ‘Shampoo’.

Followers of  Foota Hype on Instagram used the opportunity to share their views on interracial relationships, many used the occasion to take shots at entertainer for dating a ‘white girl’.

“That’s why they need to get over this complex and leave them white chicks alone. Stick with the evil that you know Dexta,” said one commentator on Instagram

“The most high never intended for us to copulate with the white folks,’ added another.


Update Your Friends
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