George Nooks has been arrested and charged with possession of cocaine.

The Veteran Reggae singer was busted in Saint Andrew, Jamaica on Friday, May 5 after cops found cocaine in his 2016 Mercedes Benz.

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According to the Saint Andrew Police, the arrest was made during an operation in Duhaney Park area around 9PM. Nooks was reportedly seen acting in a suspicious with a brown paper bag in his hand as he walked towards a vehicle.

When detectives approached him, Nooks opened the vehicle and threw the paper bag inside. The Narcotics then searched his luxury car and found a small transparent plastic bag with white powdery substance resembling cocaine.

The “God is Standing By” was later offered bail in the sum of $80,000 JMD and given a May 17 court date.

His Benz was also impounded by cops. The 56-year-old singer is known for songs including “God Is Always There for Me,” and “Ride Out Your Storm.”

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