Update Your Friends

The ‘Every Gal Want A Wuk Offa Me’ Deejay Gully Bop, is back in the headlines once again now denying any accusations of him impregnating foreign based disc-jock mona Lisa aka A’marie.
This comes as a shock to Bop’s supporters, as he recently announced his new love affair with A’marie via social media.
However Bop has denied the allegations, listen below as Bop took to Zip to air his side of the story.
Meanwhile A’marie says she’s having a hard time coping with all the criticisms she’s facing, following her much publicized relationship with the controversial entertainer.
A’marie also adds she’s told Bop several times since their public announcement that, ‘it’s over i cannot handle this’
Listen  A’marie Below;

Update Your Friends
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