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No stranger to celebrating life and empowering females, Jamaican-born dancehall singer-songwriter Hoodcelebrityy has released another anthem, which will resonate with men and women globally.

Coming off the success of her recent releases, “Bum Pon It”, “Run Di Road”, “So Pretty” feat Kash Doll and “Ungrateful” Hoodcelebrityy has remained at the forefront among the leading females in music. Hoodcelebrityy released her single titled “Champagne” along with steamy visuals.

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Symbolic for celebration and wealth, “Champagne” is the celebration of life, success, achieving your goals, but for Hood, it’s also celebrating oneself. From celebrating women, to sexy party anthem Hoodcelebrityy approaches this single with the comparison of winning with the climax of opening a Champagne bottle.

“Champagne is a record about celebrating and just enjoying life. So, it’s a toast to success, toast to achievement, toast to love, taking time to celebrate loved ones, especially all the Walking Trophies. We deal with so much; I always want to make music to big up women & let them know I see them and to keep doing it”

says Hoodcelebrityy

The visuals for “Champagne” release today at 12:00 PM EST also share a fun side of Hoodcelebrityy and friends enjoying and celebrating themselves and life. The use of Champagne throughout the video gives a fun, celebratory, feeling, which as we approach summer and many places opening, persons are ready to get back to seeing and sharing new moments with friends and loved ones.

Champagne is available on all streaming platforms.

Update Your Friends
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