I Octane has squashed reports that he and Kranium are now feuding.

Earlier this week Octane and Kranium sent tongues wagging on social media after they exchanged verbal shots on Instagram.

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The two stars clashed after Kranium posted a question asking “Weh I-Octane find so much bad-mind friend from?” The comment would lead to a string of back and forths between the two with thing getting a little personal at one point.

However, according to I Octane, fans can relax as there is no love lost between him and Kranium.

“Because a di whole Corona thing we had time on our hands so we did just a f**k around. We never have nothing and we still nuh have nothing. People nuffi buy in too much into what was said on social media. Is just that a man say supmn publicly so me address it publicly. But we good,” he said.

The deejay says he has no hard feelings towards Kranium, and was just speaking his mind in the moment.

“More time yuh affi make a man know say what is joke to you, is death to me. So him say weh him say and him maybe never mean nothing but me did affi make him know too say a di same bad-mind song dem weh me sing used to be your song dem,” he said.

The deejay says he is well aware of the ongoing joke that he is a “one topic” artiste but had to defend himself in this case. “Most a fi him song dem a bout who fa gyal him a fk and which gyal a fk pan him and dem hit. My bad-mind song dem hit.”

Despite this, Octane says they have both put the issue behind them and are on good terms.

Kranium had joked that he was probably now on Octane’s “badmind list,” but accord he has shut this down. “Me make him know say only list him deh pan a di bredda list so we good,” I-Octane declared.

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