Jah Cure has sought to address his embarrassing viral leaked video.

The Reggae star made headlines over the weekend after a video surfaced online of him cursing two women. In the video, Jah Cure can be heard telling the women to leave his house and refund his US $600 which he allegedly gave them for sexual favours.

“Mi want back the whole a mi money enuh, if mi nuh f**k her mi want back both a mi money from both ah unu else mi mash unu up in yah,” the Grammy-nominated artiste can be heard saying.

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“I’ve been watching you all morning with your little sneaky movement…cz you like to f**k around men and make problems,” The “Unconditional Love” singer continued. “I watching you inna the front of my car and you c**k blocking me with a lot of girls, they seeing you in my car and you nuffing up like me and you deh.”

In the video, Jah Cure accused the women of allowing other men to disrespect him, “then you come off and say you can style me…I saw you and you notice last night I never came in here and beg yuh no p**sy, I came in here and lie down. You acted funny, you turned off like you say…”

“yuh don’t have to show mi nothing, f**k off, yuh lucky, bruk mi want bruk one a yuh hand, yuh tek me for pussy. Yuh see why mi tell unu seh unu a problem, yuh know how much woman mi coulda get and enjoy mi self,” a livid Cure added.

He also blasted the women for going to the beach and left him all alone before making threats, “first unu go bumboclaat beach and leff me and build up all kinda story pan mi, unu diss me enuh, a beat mi fi beat the two a unu inna the house..”

In the latest development, Jah Cure is now sharing his side of the story.

In a new audio, the entertainer said that he didn’t mean anything by what he said, citing that the heated argument started after valuables and cash went missing while the women were staying at his house.

According to Jah Cure, the incident occurred several years ago, despite the women claiming it was in 2019, with instagram photos showing they were staying at his house last year December.

The Cure explained that he met the women after they were beaten up by a local dancer years ago, and him knowing them for years extended his hospitality for when they wanted to visit.

The artiste thinks the release of the video now is part of a calculated effort by some unknown persons to destroy his reputation. “It was there all this time. It just leaves me to figure that, it seems that you know fall into the hands of someone who would really like to terminate you in everywhere they can you know social media warfare that them set up out there fi fight you know this a dem trick weh dem pull,” he said.

“Everyone have them private life you done know. You and somebody inna argument and someone videoing you without you knowledge to form a setup and a blackmail you feel me yea because I was always good to them. That was the only bad moment me and dem share from the time they were here in Jamaica. Mi show dem so much love and tek care a dem,” Jah Cure continued.

“Valuable items and some cash and I asked about it and it caused some vibes and we start talking about other things so I said just give me back mi ticket you know what I mean,” he explained, before adding “yea because I’m not f**king them even.”

He ended the video by issues an apology, stating that his behaviour was wrong, “I know it’s wrong to even talk to them the way I was talking to them and I definitely apologize for that in myself. But deeply, they know I didn’t mean anything because I didn’t touch them.”

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