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West Indies Cricketer Chris Gayle has placed himself under heavy scrutiny for a disrespectful attempt at flirt with a well known Journalist during the Big Bash League (BBL) broadcast.

A prominent female journalist has described West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle a “creep” following his comments to Network Ten reporter Mel McLaughlin during Monday’s Big Bash League (BBL) broadcast.

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Neroli Meadows, who covers cricket for Fox Sports, slammed Gayle for his behaviour, outlining he had been a repeat offender when interviewed by female reporters.

“He’s done it before, he’s done it to me, he’s done it to several women,” Meadows told ABC Grandstand.

“He does this constantly. He is a creep. He has creepy behaviors and the way he did it to Mel was just that and Mel knew it was going to happen. You could tell by her body language as somebody that has worked with her. She pulled away you could see in her face ‘yeah, okay mate, righto’. We knew this was going to happen.”

Gayle, speaking at Melbourne airport on Tuesday morning, described his comments as a “simple joke” and offered a begrudging apology.

Meadows said what happened to McLaughlin was not an isolated incident in sports media.

“It happens, situations likes that, 10 times a day when you’re a female in this sports industry and that’s just a fact,” she said.

“Whether it’s the fact that the women’s toilets aren’t open and the men’s toilets are, whether it’s somebody saying something slightly inappropriate to you as you walk down the hallway, 10 times a day, without fail.

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Update Your Friends
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