Fast-rising Dancehall artiste Kacique conducted a candid interview with Dutty Berry at the third staging of the New Rules Festival in Kingston Jamaica.

He spoke on various topics such as his road to New Rules, his style of music, making the most of every opportunities, his upcoming Somerset Son EP and the state of modern Dancehall.

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Kacique was the first to draw a meaningful ‘forward’ from the New Rules crowd. In a very similar vein to his performance at the show’s media launch, he approached the stage with a level of confidence and lyrical prowess that gave patrons no choice but to acknowledge his talent.

A bright spark, with the gift of the gab, it was apparent that Kacique has studied dancehall greats like Papa San among others and his performance depicts one of a future dancehall icon in the making.

Watch top highlights of his performance below;

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