The ‘Never Punk’ Dancehall recording artiste Kalado and the passengers of the motor vehicle they were travelling in on Sunday morning, avoided serious disaster after an accident along the Mandela Highway.

Road Manager Everald Wright, who was also a passenger, recounted the ordeal to Loop News on Monday.

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“Well we were coming from a show and the driver ended up falling asleep behind the wheel along the Mandela Highway,” he said.

Wright explained that the accident took place around 6:35 am, as the group was heading east towards Kingston.

Loop reports, the car reportedly drove towards the grassy area between the four-lane thoroughfare, slammed head-on into a wooden light post, breaking the structure in two, and then destroyed a road sign before coming to a screeching halt.

All passengers including the driver escaped unharmed, despite a few cuts and bruises, but the vehicle was totalled.

“I was sleeping at the time, we didn’t [even] know what was going on. Wi just feel di car a jerk and then it came to a sudden stop,” Wright told Loop News.

The accident caused a pile-up of traffic as Kalado and the other passengers counted their blessings while looking at the mangled vehicle.

Kalado himself took to his personal instagram to let fans and well-wishers know that, despite minor pains and cramps he’s still alive and appreciative


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