Update Your Friends

With the recent increase in domestic violence against women and murder of women and young girls in the Caribbean, (especially Jamaica and Trinidad), Ranch Entertainment recording artist Kemar Highcon hit the studio to voice his disgust and pain surrounding these horrendous crimes.

Kemar gives listeners a vivid look into some of the situations many families are facing. These pain and fears are translated on a reggae rhythm, where Kemar shares numerous painful crime scenarios, which he couldn’t imagine happening to his daughter.

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Produced by DJ Barkely, Imagine shows the diverse ability of Kemar Highcon to connect with his broad fanbase. Known for his songs like, ‘Oh Gosh’, ‘Control It’, ‘Hold Out’, Kemar finds it very important to use his platform to bring awareness to real life situations as well. “I’m disturb by these actions overall to begin with and really against violence period but especially women, as they are so vital to our world” says Kemar Highcon.

Stream his followup single ‘Imagine’ that tackles the current pressing issues.

Update Your Friends
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