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Gucci Mane’s Jamaican Bonnie, Keyshia Ka’oir gives a huge wedding update and you wouldn’t believe that she still hasn’t tried on her wedding dress yet !

Ka’oir, who is the co-host of BET’s Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir: The Mane Event, took to day-time tv-show ‘The Real’ to discuss her not having her wedding dress as yet, clear up misconceptions of her ‘bathing’ Gucci Mane and her ability to speak ‘Jamaican.’ (patois)

“… i get married next Tuesday and still have no dress ! i’m panicking inside but acting as if i’m ok but i’m not.” stated an evidently anxious Ka’oir

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“no, i don’t have a back up and there won’t be a backup, i better get my dress !” exclaimed Ka’oir after being prompted about a back up dress.

Ka’oir told hosts of ‘The Real’ that due to her jamaican background, tabloids were confused with the term ‘bathe’  and she was completely taken out of context. However, if the opportunity arises she has no issues with showering her soon-to-be husband Gucci Mane hence why she has a ring today.

Ka’oir concluded by stating that the dress is going to be “Over The Top” – which is no surprise to fans as she’s known for her extraordinary style.


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Update Your Friends
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