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Khago is mocking his long time rival Mr Vegas following his incident over the weekend.

The ‘Walk A Mile’ singer uploaded a video on his Instagram account on Monday singing “Yes yes yes, mi buck wan bad pastor from dung a Wakanda.”

Khago then urged women who are having relationship problems to “usher him out” in the one minute video.

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On Sunday, the veteran recording artiste was invited by Pastor Gino Jennings to the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) in Hope Road, Kingston to have an open discussion about his controversial statement about churches that allowed women to wear ankle chains, red lipstick, and fake hair.

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Jennings raised a few eyebrows back in December when the sermon went viral, “You so called Christian looking hoes, jumping in some church, flopping your ankle chains around. On the choir, breasts hanging out, lips all red, nails painted red, purple, blue, green, long like bird claws, all this fake hair, breasts implant, toe nails painted with little fake diamonds in it, your toes ain’t richer. You’re nothing but a prostitute,” he said.

During Sunday’s debate, things escalated when the “Bruk It Down” deejay the video tape be played. Mr Vegas’ requests was denied and his microphone was subsequently muted.

In a footage uploaded on Instagram, Jennings can be heard telling security guards to escort Vegas out the church which resulted in a physical altercation after the entertainer resisted and was accosted by several men.

Update Your Friends
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