A Very Disgruntled Konshens Took To Social Media To Set The Record Straight About His Car Being Vandalized In Florida.

Konshens took to Instagram today, Tuesday March 30th, to blast Foota Hype for expecting him to lyrically clash Octane, following multiple claims that he indeed fits the description of the assailant who allegedly key’d his vehicle.

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Konz also added that, if Octane in fact admits to vandalizing his vehicle it would no longer be a talking matter, but something MUCH more.

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The  ‘Who’s A Friend’ singer claimed his green Range Rover which he purchased in the US, was damaged in the parking lot of the hotel he stayed Sunday night along with fellow Dancehall artists and Jamaicans.’

Konshens took to Instagram on Monday to share the damage with his fans while giving the description he got of the possible suspect which seemingly fits his longtime rival I-Octane.

Dancehall Insiders Claim Konshens intentionally Damaged His Own Range Rover

However, Industry Insiders are saying it’s all ‘BS’ and Konshens deliberately created this scheme in an attempt to gain the media recognition he was craving for.


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