Jamaicans are no stranger to the concept of Jungle Justice.

Dancehall recording artiste Konshens is not holding back his thoughts on the need for these actions due to the present state of crime and violence in Jamaica.

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His new single ‘Jungle Justice’ produced by Troyton Music is turning heads and receiving mixed reactions. 

Konshens shines light on issues of child molestation, domestic abuse, and gender-based violence in a bold manner. Producer of the track Troyton said,

“This song highlights the thoughts of many people who have gone through some challenging times.

Some parents have witnessed their daughters being raped and abused and their loved ones being killed. It hurts them because they can’t get justice and the judiciary system needs work. They feel like they need to seek their own justice”. 

‘Jungle Justice’ samples a part of Mr. Vegas ‘Hands in the Air/Nike Air’ (1998) singing: 

“Well mi waan fi see yuh han inna di air

From a raper fi dead an yuh nuh care

Buss a blank wid di sound an mek mi hear

Pedophile fi get heng inna di square…”

The chorus of the single sings:

“Jungle Justice machete and cutliss

Tell Mr. Lawyer we nuh need fi discuss dis

Jungle Justice pickaxe and cutliss

We naw deal wid it like a di least… ano di fuss dis

Jungle Justice go fi mi rusty cutliss

How yuh cut di ole woman throat dawg,

A di worse dis

Jungle Justice x3”

Last year, there were several acts of jungle justice.

These actions were met with defiance by the security forces and several government officials however Konshens in this single believes actions of jungle justice will send a clear message. 

Recently, The United States Department of State issued a level 4 travel advisory for Jamaica, warning its citizens against travel to the country due to COVID-19 related conditions and crime. They noted violent crimes, such as home invasions, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and homicides are common while warning against travel to areas of Kingston, Montego Bay and Spanish Town.

Troyton added “Jamaica is a beautiful country. I want us all to get to a place where crime and violence is no more”

‘Jungle Justice’ is distributed by Hapilos and is available on all digital music platforms. 


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