Kranium isn’t taking any blame for circumstances beyond his control and has issued a statement relating to the Aidonia beef.

The international Dancehall recording artiste took to social media on Monday to share his side of the story, “90% of time artist fall out with each other over organization of a show set time,” the ‘Last Night’ he stated.

“Unfortunately what happened have nothing to with me and it F**k my meds up since them fling me under the bus and me done with this being humble shit no one respect it AT ALL AT ALLLLLllllll #butthemnogivememyfullratingsanyways,” concluded Kranium.

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On Sunday Aidonia’s camp blasted Kranium following the show which was held at the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The entertainers along with Konshens were booked for the Dancehall segment. Unfortunately due to some time issues, Aidonia only managed to perform one song on stage following Kranium’s set.

The 4th Generation deejay’s manager/brother Lalo immediately took to his Instagram story to blame Kranium.

“Kill mi wan kill dem… some a dem artiste bwoy yah, “Lalo said in the now-deleted rant. “Some a dem artiste bwoy yah wicked, dem lock off wi mic… some a dem artiste bwoy yah all fi dem self,” he added.

“Who mi a talk? b***ybwoy Kranium bout who love pum pum and mek the time run out pan wi.”

See What Kranium Said.

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