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Diamond Music Empire recording artiste Shauna Chin has denied recent online reports that she and Gully Bop may be getting back together.

“Gully Bop ah call off mi phone say him waan mi back and dem ting de, and ah say mi mustn’t talk to anybody else. But I am not going back into any relationship with him. It’s over. Mi see him pon front page a paper ah model with new girl, she look like  a groupie, a definite downgrade from me, so that can’t hot up my head,” a defiant Shauna Chin said.

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She will be making her first public appearance with Gully Bop on February 6th during the Nine Miles Music Festival in St. Ann.

“Shauna Chin will be performing alongside Gully Bop, I don’t really know what is going to happen onstage, if they are going to clash, they will clash. It should be a nice event to come to,” Harry Shivnani of the Nine Miles Foundation, a promoter of the festival, said.


Update Your Friends
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