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The Jamaican minister has proved her culinary skills in front of fans, friends and foodies on the lawns of the Roy Wilkins Park, Queens New York.

The two competitors, Lisa Hanna & current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, went head to head in a  fiery yet exquisite battle of flavors which only on would emerge the victor.

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After the smoke cleared, it was the jamaican native & former miss world who came out a winner with a new signature dish she entitled ‘GOODIE.’

It took Hannah, 30 Minutes to cook from a surprise basket which consisted of;
1. Raw pork
2. Fresh Spinach
3. One granola bar
4. Boil Breadfruit

Lisa Hannah revealed the ingredients to our camera crew after all the excitement had ceased, she stated; ” my goodie is simply … Spicy Stir fry pork in a jerk coconut cream sauce – Thyme mashed breadfruit – Steamed Spinach with nutmeg and Caramelized granola ”

See Images Of Grace’s Jamaican Jerk Festival Below.


Update Your Friends
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